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Text-to-3D generation is starting to become a thing. OpenAI has been so kind as to release their Shap-E project as open source. Shap-E introduces a diffusion process that can generate 3D objects from a text prompt. So what does this mean? Will it take the jobs from all the 3d-artists?
If you thought StableDiffusion was amazing, just wait until you see the high-res glory of StableDiffusion XL. It offers significant visual improvements to its image generation, including better compositions, more lifelike photorealism and higher resolution. Prepare your eyeballs for some serious pixel-pushing action!
I finished my fantasy card-game with AI-generated images. After evaluating the first version I created, I've overhauled the card texts and enhanced the visuals. I've gotten plenty of feedback from play testing. I gave the game a new name: Artificial Arcana, something with a better ring to it and a clear reference to AI.
I have been totally amazed by the development of AI image generation systems like Stable diffusion and Dall-e, so naturally I was looking for some fun project where I could leverage this new technology. Being a nerd I thought of making a fantasy card-game, something that needs lots of various images.
If you have a great idea of some artwork you would like to draw, but you don't have the skill to pull it off you should try the image-2-image workflow in stable diffusion. It can transform your simple toddler drawing into a professional artwork while still preserving composition and form. This is even more amazing than the text-2-image workflow as it gives you control to get the image just as you want it.
So recently the waitlist was removed for the image generation AI-system DALL-E-2, so that anyone can sign up and use it immediately. Having used stable diffusion for some time I thought I give it a try to see how it performs in comparison. It certainly has some interesting features like, outpainting, generating variations and editing but also a very impressive natural language processing.
Let's continue exploring AI generated images with stable diffusion. With high resolution 4k monitors it can get somewhat underwhelming with a 512x512 pixel images. With AI up-scaling and post-processing we can add depth and details and remove some of those annoying artifacts.
All aboard the hype-train, the future is now. The time is here were AI can create incredible artworks on demand of any subject and style imaginable. Skilled artists are now obsolete as mere cavemen can create masterpieces with the click of a button.