Artificial Arcana

I finished my fantasy card-game with AI-generated images. After evaluating the first version I created, I've overhauled the card texts and enhanced the visuals. I've gotten plenty of feedback from play testing. I gave the game a new name: Artificial Arcana, something with a better ring to it and a clear reference to AI.

So in the previous post I described the process of designing the game. I felt that the first version was a bit rushed. A lot of obvious mistakes had snuck in. But this time around, I took the time to review it. The result can be seen here.


This time I ordered the card game with a custom-printed tuck-box for packaging. Designing the box was quite fun in making all six sides blend together and complementing each other. I generated images for each side separately with StableDiffusion and modified the aspect ratio accordingly, and put them together using GIMP. To make it more seamless, I blended the transitions between the images and matched the color levels.



Play testing revealed a lot of ambiguity in how rules and abilities were formulated, these have been clarified, and some cards have been made more balanced. I did my best to make the rules more comprehensible, so hopefully someone other than me can make sense of them. Luckily, this game is fairly simple to begin with.



The visuals of the first print have been improved by adjusting colors and contrast and increasing font size for better readability. I found the dark areas in the first version a bit saturated. Getting the print accurate can be challenging as there might be biases in the display.

Final thoughtsπŸ”—

I've been hesitant about what to do with this project. I created it purely to mess around with AI images, but at the same time, it would be fun to show it to others. Being a card game though, it's not as easy as just putting up a download link. If there is any interest, I might put it up on Amazon.