Professionally I am an embedded software engineer, working with firmware development on platforms ranging from simple bare-metal to real-time operating systems and embedded-linux. I’ve always been very hands-on and curious to learn, and not afraid to explore related domains such as electronics design and mechanics.

I studied mechatronics at the royal institute of technology in Stockholm with a Msc degree. I have worked as a consultant in several projects within med-tech, consumer products and IOT-applications often from early concept to finished product.

I am also an aspiring game developer. I’ve tinkered with Unity for several years making simple platforming experiments to physics based contraptions. I’ve been an early VR-enthusiast making various prototypes for Oculus. With my interest in game development i've gained an appreciation for graphics, shaders and rendering as well as advancing my programming. I’ve been exploring the entity-component-system pattern, initially in Unity DOTS but later in Bevy.

I have a passion for technology, and not just simply as an enabler but technology for technology's sake. I’ve always loved taking stuff apart and figuring out how they work, analyzing the designs.